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Company Overview
Thai name'Suanwang' means 'Royal Garden'. Suanwang is a division of M&CO(Thailand)Co.,Ltd. group of  companies based in Bangkok, Thailand.  We produce an award-winning product Traditional Thai Tamarind Candy, the candy which has a warm herbal taste with a tinge of spicy after taste, unlike any other in the world.

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We, at Suanwang, would like very much to present one of the best of Thai culinary tradition, Traditional Thai Tamarind Candy, to you and hope that this new taste of candy from Thailand will give you a whole new meaning of CANDY.

Company Background
M&CO(Thailand)Co.,Ltd. was established in 1988 by Mr. Vut Suthapintu and his young brother, Mr. Suthiphan.  Suanwang Traditional Thai Tamarind Candy is one of the very first products the company has produced.  The recipe is a secret family recipe which has been handed over from generations to generations.  Now, we are the biggest Tamarind candy producer in the world.

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