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Bangkok Today
For Thais Bangkok is the <<City of Angels>>. Over 400 Buddhist temple are scattered through out this sprawling Southeast Asia metropolis.  Though Thailand escaped Western colonization, the creeping influence of the Occident is becoming ever more present in the capital of the<<land of the free>>.
Thais are a happy, generous, peace loving people clinging with tenacity to ancient traditions of Orient while welcoming progress and Western innovations.

bangkokanima01Bangkok a Showcase
Bangkok is a showcase for this blending of East and West.  The city's world famous Buddhist temples are flanked by internationally prominent luxury hotels that have altered the skyline. Added contrasts are noted across the country.
Heavy duty tractors work in fields adjacent to log rolling elephants,  women stone crusher roads for low slung sport cars and paddles if tiny TUK-TUK remain impressive to the jet air traffic that makes Bangkok's Don Muang International Airport one of the busiest in Southeast Asia.

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